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Life Away From Home

It’s been over half a year since I last blogged so here’s a quick-ish update, since I last wrote, I moved from Toronto to Edmonton and well here’s the rest of the update.

In the past month or so, I’ve been living away from home for pretty much the first time in life. While this may not seem like a big deal for many, for me this was a really big step. My decision to move was made quickly but something I was thinking about for a long time. As the move happened, my excitement rose. I was in a place with new things to explore and experience. I had a job interview for a job prospect that seemed great and exciting. I had settled into my new place and everything was going well. Two weeks in and things were moving along smoothly. Now having had a lot of ups and downs in my life, I’ve noticed one constant being that if things are going well things will inevitably go wrong.

I’ll start with work, or lack thereof. I got a job with an organization that does fundraising for non-profit organizations. My role was specifically “fundraiser”, pretty straight forward, nothing too complicated just ask people to donate. Seems easy enough right? Not really. I’m not quite sure this is the case. If you ever wanted a job where you feel ignored, invisible, and definitely overlooked, this is the job for you. The booth where I work is positioned in front of a Jack Jones store, and I swear it’s the most interesting store in the mall. The reason why I say that is because whenever people walk by my booth at the mall, they see us and then get entranced by Jack Jones. Their eyes just get fixated on to that store, as if it has them locked in a hypnotic trance and they can’t look away from it or they’d die. I’ll probably write more but back to my original reason for writing about work is as followed.

Just as soon as I started working, my campaign coordinator came up to me the second day on the job and told me that the hours wouldĀ be limited as they would be losing part of their campaign at my specific location. This was an unexpected setback but I was still optimistic about this job.

I have been very blessed to have girlfriend who has been very supportive of me in everything that I’ve been going through, but it seems like I’ve been getting dumped on by life. About 3 weeks ago, I was subjected to the most intense pain I’ve ever had in my life. After struggling to find help, I eventually got to the hospital and was diagnosed with kidney stones. Also another story to be told there in another post.

Life away from home has not been the bed of roses I had expected and I am hopeful that things will get better because that’s what always happens for the protagonist in any story right? In my narrative I am the protagonist but maybe my perspective on things are skewed and I’m actually the anti-hero or even antagonist meant to suffer to get through the story that is my life. Who knows, but I do feel more inspired to blog more, so lets see how long this lasts.


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Beep Beep Boop

I often wonder what things would be like if I were a robot. Would I have the capacity to feel? Would someone have programmed an ability to sense emotions? What kind would I be? Something like Asimo or would it be more of the stereotypical sort of cube robot? I only mention this as I was opening this post edit window, a short splash animation popped up saying “Beep Beep Boop” which amused me.

In any case,if I were a robot. I’d like to think I’d be a helpful robot that would be something to the effect of Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6. If I were a robot would I be autonomous or would I be one that was controlled by someone . It’s scary to think that some people would rather live their lives being controlled by others wanting someone else to make their decisions and choices for them. But it’s something that if we don’t make choices ourselves, don’t do what we need to do and work like we need to work. We’re essentially giving any power we have over our lives to other people. So that they can make choices for us by limiting our options. If we are indeed humans and not robots, then why do we make so many decisions that are based on logic but sometimes lack humanity. Maybe we aren’t really humans at all but we’re autonomous robots. Would anything change if that were the case? Would your actions change how you acted towards other people. I’m not really sure anything would change significantly for me but maybe it wouldn’t. Would I still be inclined to make morally right and wrong choices? If you were a robot what would you do differently? This is just mindless dribble at this point, so I don’t think I am a robot because it’d be irrational for a robot to make choices and decisions like I have been making thus far. Who knows….

“Beep Beep Boop”


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