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Fact checking with Bias

So unless you’ve been in a hole hidden away from media and society, you’ll know that politics is a hot button issue in the social media world. Every few posts I see on my Facebook news feed is either pro or anti Trump, or extreme liberal or conservative. These posts are often met with what I’ll call “radical views” (not actually that radical but somewhat devisive views) and comments. I enjoy reading them from time to time as they sometimes are amusing to hear banter and read the various viewpoints of my friends. The thing that bothers me more often than not is when people debate but back their facts with extremely biased sites. I’m all for debate and discussion and I do see the need to back your arguments with facts but it doesn’t really support your cause if you’re using biased media outlets like Breitbart, the Blaze or Slate and the New Yorker. The reason for this is that the articles and opinions on those sites are incredibly bias. 

Why does this matter? Facts are facts right? Well yes and no. Yes facts are facts, but not entirely. For example, if I’m looking at the world through my blue tinted sunglasses, I could look at something yellow and say it’s green, or something red and say it’s purple. Does that make what I see wrong? Perhaps but let’s apply this to the whole liberal/conservative issue. If I watch the Colbert report and see a clip that says Trump is a moron for appointing Betsy DeVos as the secretary of Education and reasons to show why that’s the case, if I had a liberal bias that would just reaffirm my own personal beliefs and then I would share it and think, that’ll teach those conservatives. Conversely if I as a conservative then saw something on Breitbart telling me that the Colbert report is stupid because of these reasons, I would feel justified in thinking that my views were right to begin with and Betsy DeVos should be secretary of Education because she’s the best suited for it (I personally don’t care – I’m Canadian). Biased views will produce bias opinions and it’s easy to find bias in research and statistics if you’re looking hard enough.

Now you might be asking why should this matter? Well if you care for facts and truth then it should matter where you gather your facts or “alternative facts” as it may be. It doesn’t support your cause in trying to change views or opinions, if that is indeed your point in posting anything like this. Yes it’s nice to be on the winning team from time to time but really when you post something from a bias media outlet you frequent and support it just seems like a huge circle jerk. 

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that there needs to be a way to bridge the gap between the two sides. People need to be more open to understanding and open to civil conversation. I understand that often people go into conversations under the pretense that they’ll be civil but when you go swinging arguments using your biased media outlets articles, you’re not looking for a civil open conversation. You want an all out brawl guns a blaze, because that’s exactly how those outlets write their articles. They hope to incite anger and cause contention because that is the very fuel that keeps them going, taking all of their passengers along for the Blazing ride down Slate road watching the world burn down around them.


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Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

Over the last little while, I’ve noticed a lot of people post a lot of things about relationships, about their significant others in my social networks. There are others that are generally just be lovey dovey and cutesy with their partners in public, holding hands, kissing, making out etc. Now, I want everyone to understand that I am not a cynic about love and romance as this post may make me seem as such. What I will say is that while it’s fine to be in love, a majority of people don’t care to see obsessive public displays of affection or PDA.

There are two main things that I want to gripe about right now, the first being the physical exhibitions of PDA. I understand that couples are in love wish to share their love in a physical way however, much like most things in life, there is a time and a place for everything. I am okay with a simple kiss, some hand holding or hugs, but anything beyond that is obsessive for me. What I’m talking about is those couples who are adorably in love and want to make sure that you and everyone around you know that they’re in love. They’re the ones that have no shame making out in front of people, or who are so hot for each other that everyone else around them just becomes a nuisance to their expressions of love. The reason why these people bother me so much is not because they’re in love as I am pro love, They bother me because it almost becomes inconsiderate how much or how far they’ll go to express their love for each other. Lots of individuals who are single don’t need to be reminded of their singleness by seeing these people. I think the key here is moderation. For example, water gun fights are fun for everyone involved. You bring your little super soaker, and you shoot each other and everyone has a jolly good time. How I equate excessive PDA in this scenario is people who choose to ignore the unspoken guidelines of bringing a water gun to this fight, and decide to go all out bringing a firetruck hooked up to the street  hydrant to blow anyone out of the water.  Ok that’s a weak example but that’s how I see excessive PDA on a physical level.

The second excessive use of PDA is the social media love explosions. The posts that appear to be seemingly cute and adorable are actually bombs of disappointment waiting to happen. These couples set unrealistic expectations of the concept of love. You know the ones I’m talking about, the posts that show their undying love for one another, and often equate their love to some fictitious story like Romeo and Juliet (which, in my opinion isn’t very romantic). Don’t get me wrong here either, I’m not saying people shouldn’t express their love for each other through social media, I think there are appropriate times to do so, but the ones I’m talking about are people who post on the daily how much they are in love. How they can’t live without each other, or how they just want the world to feel how grossly into each other they are.

Maybe I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to matters of the heart, or maybe I’m just tired of all these people being too far in their efforts. Moderation is all I’m asking for. If you think you’re one of these people just tone it back a bit. You can be that much in love with another person but just keep it to yourself. The rest of the world doesn’t need a humble brag about how much you love each other. But that’s just my opinion.

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Sex, Drugs and Stability

So last night on a random request from a friend… I suppose you can call her a friend, although we barely talk and even so very superficially, I guess she’s somewhere between friend and acquaintance… On the request from my friend, she asked me to talk to her friend last night to cheer her up because she was depressed. Which is a very strange request in general because she essentially asked me to talk to a stranger. I don’t know what prompted me to talk to her but I agreed and then gave this random girl my number. It was kind of strange because it felt like she was interested in a relationship or at least someone to get her mind off of some guy. As the conversation went on she began to express her emotions and why it was that she was so sad or depressed. After talking for a bit, she asked me if I was still a virgin and then responded with shock and surprise after hearing I was. She then proceeded to probe me on this and it was sort of an interesting realization for me. I know that there are many people in their 20’s that are sexually active but it never occurred to me that people who choose to remain separate from the whole world of sexuality would be a minority. I’m probably making all sorts of unnecessary assumptions and have basically generalized the population in saying that being sexually active is just a norm, which I can’t say for sure whether it is or not because it’s one of those topics that while people are more open with in general. As individuals it still seems to be much of a taboo subject to talk about and usually only with your closest friends and definitely not family.

ANYWAYS, back to my point about sexuality and my choice to remain away from it. People make the argument that sex with someone deepens the relationship with another individual and I don’t disagree with this point, however I feel as if people use this excuse to justify having sex with whomever they’re dating or are attracted to at the time. I’m probably very old fashioned in my thoughts and beliefs but I feel that there are many who jump too quickly into this aspect of a relationship. I think the current generation of young adults often acts without thought to consequences, acting on the basis that YOLO solves everything. I hate the term YOLO and its usages in society, more often than not with idiotic actions associated (another topic for another day). While there are benefits with sex, there are a lot of consequences that result as well. I have a friend who had unprotected sex and she got pregnant. She was devastated and ended up getting an abortion because she wasn’t ready to settle down and have a child. She was depressed for several weeks because this is something that is very traumatizing for a woman. This sadly happens more than is necessary because people think about living in the now and not what could happen in the future. I always like the saying, that we can make our choices on how to act, but we can’t choose the consequences of our actions. Much like a rippling of a stone in the water, while our actions may seem small and insignificant, its reach and effects can extend beyond our understanding and scope of life.

I guess my point in writing this post is just to say that as a society and individuals we need to be more aware and conscious that our actions do have consequences (whether good or bad). We should have intelligence licenses, because there really are a lot of people out there who for some reason or another believe that YOLO makes them invincible. That what they do only hurts them and them alone, but there is never any action that has consequences that only affect a single person. I suppose this rant is sort of incoherent because it was written over the course of a week in short bursts of 20 minutes in my children’s literature class. 🙂 Moral of the story – Think before you act and be prepared to deal with the consequences of life. Sex complicates everything. Stop being stupid.

There’s my two cents for today.

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