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What does it mean?

Whatever happened to the days of the past?
I often think back and reflect on these things as I ponder my life
Life that brings people in and out of our lives
Laughter that is shared with those same people through experiences with them

You never really notice those whom you’ve had an effect on
Only those you feel you haven’t changed or influenced at all
Ultimately we never understand the scope of people in our lives

Gone are the past, when the experiences we’ve lived shape who we are
Old memories slowly slip into the place where thoughts become nostalgic

Times past are fun to relive, but looking forward is how we should perceive
One slice of our lives we share with one another

Futures often are unclear, sometimes filled with despair, others with hope
Everyone sees things a bit differently but the world continues on
Remembering those important people in our lives
People we love, cherish and honour

With every bit of our existence
Intimately we bring people into our lives
Trusting that God will help bring us happiness through them
Happiness found with those we love are invaluably important to our existence

Meaningful relationships are the things that every person wants deep within
Every person longs for them, and only a lucky few are able to find them

Jumping into something unknown brings excitement
Once someone reaches your heart, they never leave
Reminding us why we go through this mortal existence
Days are hard but these relationships and people bring meaning to our lives
Another reason why it’s important to always press on
Never giving into the despair that looms all around

Don’t ever take for granted important people around
A moment with someone you love can live with us forever
Volition compels us to want to be with these people
Independent of time, when we’re with them we feel at peace
Every worry goes away, as we strive to be better because of them
So what will you make of things with those you love?


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New Starts Galore!

Well, I’ve done this (starting over) many times and I never really feel overly motivated to do it regularly. For some reason this time I feel much more motivated than before, having said that here is the poem I promised for today. Don’t expect much… I haven’t done this in ages. But leave some feedback, I know there are things to work on with this poem, I sort of threw it together in 20 minutes. I didn’t originally plan for it to have this form but it sort of grew this way. If you want to know more about why I wrote this or want to discuss with me about the poem. I’d be happy to share, just let me know. I will try to post a new poem each week, along with other musings in this blog. Maybe this blog, for now this is my medium of choice. Enjoy.


Is Love Lost?


In this world of tumult and pain,

anger, sorrow, contention,

sadness and hurt beyond mention.

Will there ever be love again?


Fighting and violence throughout all the land

friends become enemies in heat of the battle

as cannons explode causing houses to rattle.

Can we not love so grand?


Blinded by hate or by differing opinions.

Aggression runs deep in the human condition.

Can there be love, should we make it our mission?

Following blindly, are we mere minions?


Do we need to see another holocaust

before we realize the worth of a life.

Is compassion replaced with the wielding of a knife?

Some might gain power, but at what cost?


Is Love Lost?



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