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Below is a copy of the email I sent to the UPS help line after I tagged @UPS on twitter with hashtags along the lines of #UPSSucks #UPSLogisticsFail and the like, for future reference no one should use UPS as a preferred method of shipping.

This is just a formality as my package was already sent back to the sender. I received a notice of delivery on my door on April 20th, 2015. I arrived home late that evening to see the notice. I had planned to pick up the package over the weekend as it stated on the notice that “For your convenience your package is being held for pick up at the location below for 7 days” I assumed this would be an option I could take advantage of as I leave for work around 8:30am and get home by 6:30pm. Outside of this locations operating hours of 9am-6pm. I get home the night of the 21st after work to check to see where the location is, while on your website I notice I can see the status of my package. I look up the number and see

Concord, ON, Canada 04/20/2015 15:09 Customer was not available when UPS attempted delivery. Will deliver to a nearby UPS Access Pointâ„¢ for customer pick up.

followed by this

04/21/2015 12:29 The receiver does not want the product and refused the delivery. / The package will be returned to the sender.

At this point I am all sorts of confused as I had expected a package. There was a single attempt at delivery, which I understand I was not home to receive the package. But the sticker attached to the notice stated it was available for 7 days. I called the customer support line and told that as the package was in transit back to the sender, there was nothing that I could do and that I had to contact the sender myself to figure out what to do.

Now correct me if I am wrong in believing April 20 to April 21 is not 7 days. UPS as an organization did not even contact me beyond leaving a piece of paper on my door, made the decision to send my package back after leaving me written notice that my package “for my convenience” will be available for 7 days. Now because of “my convenience” and the fact that I, “The receiver” did not want the product and refused the delivery. I am experiencing all sorts of convenience by having to send this letter to your help inbox, after having the convenience of calling the help line to not only not get any help but basically getting the response “go solve it yourself” because it was convenient for me to contact the sender and tell them UPS made a mistake so I need to fix it. I feel so grateful that UPS had made my life so much more convenient by sending my package back to the sender.

I have since contacted the sender and now will await my package yet again, hopefully I will have the convenience of having to go through this whole process again to have my package sent back to sender because “The receiver does not want the product and refused the delivery”.

Do you understand why I am so irate? Or why I have made the conscious decision to never use UPS as a shipping method ever again? I have also gone to social media to share my frustration. Why? Because it was convenient for me to do so. It is too late for me and my package however, I do hope that you do get your business practices standardized and as an organization learn to understand that 7 days means 7 days.

I have enclosed an image of the notice I received on my door for your reference. 

Un-valued customer,


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