Keep on trying?

I often have wondered what I should do with my life. Consciously I’ve made the decision many times to pursue this or that career, yet here I am, sitting in my room, blogging (something that I’m not particularly consistent at either). There are definitely more productive things I could be doing, but here I am. So the question or reason I’ve decided to continue with this endeavor is because I was motivated to blog more because I read my friend’s blog. She’s pretty cool but she’d never admit to something like that, possibly with sarcastic overtones. So the reason I bring this up is because she’s a great writer and story teller to boot, and it really inspired me to continue writing, hopefully more consistently going forward. Like I’ve mentioned several times in my previous posts, my problem isn’t talent or skill (or being humble – hahaha). My problem is entirely to do with the fact that I am inconsistent and lack diligence when it matters the most. I’m often so focused on trying to achieve big goals that I become overwhelmed with the end goal and just revert into my shell of comfort (video games, YouTube, and Netflix). This is incredibly toxic behavior and it would do me well to overcome this, because well lets face it –  I’m an adult. Generally that’s what adults do right? I really don’t know how to do this whole adult thing. Rather I do know what do, but I have difficulties putting it into action. So my small goal will be to update this blog on a daily basis. Even if it’s a short entry I will be accountable to those who follow this blog. The handful of you I guess (if it’s even that many). I’ll update this for the next 10 days as a first check point, then we’ll see my progress and go on from there. So I guess… this is how I’ll keep on trying, to pursue my passions and follow my dreams of becoming a writer. At least for now…


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