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Consistency is the Key to Success

Over the past few months I’ve been struggling with what I want to accomplish in life, how I want to go about doing it and have been facing some minor difficulties in moving on with my life. I don’t think that this is a huge revelation to anyone, I believe the key to success isn’t necessarily being great at one time, but being consistently good at whatever it is you desire to be successful at. Scores of individuals accomplish great feats at some point in their lives, and they achieve some level of success, but often fade shortly thereafter. The success I speak of is a long term, long lasting variety, in a manner in which individuals make an impact to the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but their direct community or area of influence. It may have been ambitious of me to try to post on a daily basis for a month, seeing as how I barely post every month. Part of my lack of consistency is a general lack of direction and desires – another post for another day.

There are many people who are seen as great in their respective fields,┬ápeople like Michael Jordan, Picasso, William Shakespeare, or Steve Jobs, and the like (not a definitive or absolute list of great people – just the first names that came to mind). The reason they are considered great is not only because they mastered their art/trade/skill but because they were able to perform at a high level consistently. Think for a moment and try to think of 10 world record holders. I have probably seen a few here or there, and they often are in some sort of spot light when they accomplish a feat of greatness, but for the most part many are forgotten in whatever they do. The ones that are remembered are always the ones that are able to refine their skills to a point where they are able to consistently perform at a high level, and those are the ones that are able to achieve success and greatness.

What I’m learning about myself is that I lack consistency, or rather once I do build up some steam or some level of consistency I tend to shy away from things and regress. Well I will have goals and aspirations but for now I will continue to try to be more consistent in my life and take things one step at a time.


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