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New Starts Galore!

Well, I’ve done this (starting over) many times and I never really feel overly motivated to do it regularly. For some reason this time I feel much more motivated than before, having said that here is the poem I promised for today. Don’t expect much… I haven’t done this in ages. But leave some feedback, I know there are things to work on with this poem, I sort of threw it together in 20 minutes. I didn’t originally plan for it to have this form but it sort of grew this way. If you want to know more about why I wrote this or want to discuss with me about the poem. I’d be happy to share, just let me know. I will try to post a new poem each week, along with other musings in this blog. Maybe this blog, for now this is my medium of choice. Enjoy.


Is Love Lost?


In this world of tumult and pain,

anger, sorrow, contention,

sadness and hurt beyond mention.

Will there ever be love again?


Fighting and violence throughout all the land

friends become enemies in heat of the battle

as cannons explode causing houses to rattle.

Can we not love so grand?


Blinded by hate or by differing opinions.

Aggression runs deep in the human condition.

Can there be love, should we make it our mission?

Following blindly, are we mere minions?


Do we need to see another holocaust

before we realize the worth of a life.

Is compassion replaced with the wielding of a knife?

Some might gain power, but at what cost?


Is Love Lost?



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