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Unmotivated – Learning by Example

I really admire all those people are always motivated to do this or that. As of late I’ve found it incredibly hard to get myself to be motivated for anything. I know that I shouldn’t sit here and do nothing but I lack motivation. You know what’s the difference between a genius and the average person? I think it’s intelligence, but not in the “I have a high IQ” manner. Rather it is the ability to be persistent and consistent with regards to work and to be passionate about it. I just watched an episode of Seth Macfarland’s Cosmos where it told the store of Claire Cameron Patterson, a man who was passionate with regards to his research to determine the age of the Earth. He spent over 2 years trying to perfect his research methods to find the most accurate way to use lead isotope dating to determine the age of samples of zircon. In the end he helped to not only solve the puzzle of the age of the Earth but he also created the first clean research lab through his endeavors. This was a man that was passionate, motivated, consistent and persistent with his work.

I suppose this all pales in comparison to the greatest example of persistence and consistency in His life. ┬áHe was always loving, caring and kind in going about His Father’s work. Coincidentally this weekend happens to be one of the times of the year where Christ is often remembered more than any other time. As it is Easter weekend, I was reminded of Christ’s loving example. He has never faltered and set the perfect example for each and every one of us to follow after. It is in his perfect life that we all know to what source it is that we can progress towards, and how it is that Eternal life can be achieved. Laziness and being unmotivated is not the path towards Eternal glory, it is in and through our Faith leading unto works that we can be on the path towards true discipleship in following the Son of God.

I know I have a long road to go but trying to emulate those examples that have come before me will hopefully help me to become greater than I had ever thought possible and stronger than I ever believed I could be. As I follow His will, I will do all I can to become a better disciple of Christ. And so as this Easter weekend winds down, I will always try to remember and never forget the sacrifice that was made so that I could over come my weaknesses be who my Heavenly Father had planned for me to be. But every journey must have a beginning, one step at a time…

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