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I am bad at this

I’m really bad at this blogging business. Is it that I’m not committed enough? Is it that my life is so busy that i don’t do it? I don’t think so… it goes back to my last post I guess where I need to be more motivated to do so. I know that I have lots of time on my hands because I spend at least an hour or two on youtube everyday. If I use my time more productively by watching youtube as I do something else then I can do 2 things at once… in theory at least. Right now I’m watching a video by Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis “Bring Me the Night”. It’s a great song. So I guess it’s a matter of not wasting my time. I have all these great goals and aspirations, but I don’t have the drive or motivation to do anything about it. I think that’s an incredible flaw of mine. I will strive for more in life, because who wants to be middle of the road? I suppose it seems that subconsciously I do…


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