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Self Improvement

Well what can I say, I haven’t been the greatest at doing this blogging thing, but I will say I have recommitted myself to blogging at least once a week. Self improvement I’ve realized is an on going process that must never stop. Once you feel you’ve done enough then you must do even more because you’ve become complacent. Once that happens, things can only go down from there. I’d love to change the world today but I am only one blogger, with lots of big ideas but not enough time. What I can and will do is blog at least once a week, on various topics that I feel are relevant to me and my life or things that I feel can influence or help others with. Having said that, I should throw the disclaimer out that I am not a professional or anything, just a blogger with a little bit of time on his hands, to post my musings and share them with all those whom will hear me. I will walk this road they call life, to one day pass by all the glories and wonders along the way to my final destination, being the home I wish to return to. Slowly but surely, day by day, line upon line, precept upon precept… I won’t change over night but I feel that this is what I need to do. With God’s help all can be accomplished. 🙂 Well Cheers for now, and goodnight. It’s almost 4:30am… I said I was going to sleep 3-4 hours ago


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