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Sex, Drugs and Stability

So last night on a random request from a friend… I suppose you can call her a friend, although we barely talk and even so very superficially, I guess she’s somewhere between friend and acquaintance… On the request from my friend, she asked me to talk to her friend last night to cheer her up because she was depressed. Which is a very strange request in general because she essentially asked me to talk to a stranger. I don’t know what prompted me to talk to her but I agreed and then gave this random girl my number. It was kind of strange because it felt like she was interested in a relationship or at least someone to get her mind off of some guy. As the conversation went on she began to express her emotions and why it was that she was so sad or depressed. After talking for a bit, she asked me if I was still a virgin and then responded with shock and surprise after hearing I was. She then proceeded to probe me on this and it was sort of an interesting realization for me. I know that there are many people in their 20’s that are sexually active but it never occurred to me that people who choose to remain separate from the whole world of sexuality would be a minority. I’m probably making all sorts of unnecessary assumptions and have basically generalized the population in saying that being sexually active is just a norm, which I can’t say for sure whether it is or not because it’s one of those topics that while people are more open with in general. As individuals it still seems to be much of a taboo subject to talk about and usually only with your closest friends and definitely not family.

ANYWAYS, back to my point about sexuality and my choice to remain away from it. People make the argument that sex with someone deepens the relationship with another individual and I don’t disagree with this point, however I feel as if people use this excuse to justify having sex with whomever they’re dating or are attracted to at the time. I’m probably very old fashioned in my thoughts and beliefs but I feel that there are many who jump too quickly into this aspect of a relationship. I think the current generation of young adults often acts without thought to consequences, acting on the basis that YOLO solves everything. I hate the term YOLO and its usages in society, more often than not with idiotic actions associated (another topic for another day). While there are benefits with sex, there are a lot of consequences that result as well. I have a friend who had unprotected sex and she got pregnant. She was devastated and ended up getting an abortion because she wasn’t ready to settle down and have a child. She was depressed for several weeks because this is something that is very traumatizing for a woman. This sadly happens more than is necessary because people think about living in the now and not what could happen in the future. I always like the saying, that we can make our choices on how to act, but we can’t choose the consequences of our actions. Much like a rippling of a stone in the water, while our actions may seem small and insignificant, its reach and effects can extend beyond our understanding and scope of life.

I guess my point in writing this post is just to say that as a society and individuals we need to be more aware and conscious that our actions do have consequences (whether good or bad). We should have intelligence licenses, because there really are a lot of people out there who for some reason or another believe that YOLO makes them invincible. That what they do only hurts them and them alone, but there is never any action that has consequences that only affect a single person. I suppose this rant is sort of incoherent because it was written over the course of a week in short bursts of 20 minutes in my children’s literature class. 🙂 Moral of the story – Think before you act and be prepared to deal with the consequences of life. Sex complicates everything. Stop being stupid.

There’s my two cents for today.

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