What is Beauty?

So I created this blog post a while ago… For some reason I wrote a title, and put in tags but I never really put anything into the body of this blog entry. I wonder why that was… usually if I take the time to do that, I’ll at least write a little bit… I don’t know why I chose this title… I suppose I saw something that didn’t have a typical standard of attractiveness, or beauty. Recently however I’ve been thinking a lot on the topic of beauty and love, as my mind tends to ponder on these subjects often these days. I guess I’m reaching that age where this should be of importance to me in my life.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the things I used to think were beautiful in the past I don’t find them to have that same quality anymore, not to say they aren’t beautiful in their own rights, its just that this new perspective changed my definition of beautiful. Now I’m not necessarily talking about physically attractive features of people as I think we can all agree there are some people who are just blessed with physical beauty. The specifics of who is and isn’t beautiful then become very subjective but on a whole there are some people, celebrities like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, etc, who we can say are beautiful. I’ve been talking about the everyday beautiful that we see all around us, usually these are things that are made beautiful because of our passion for that thing, or for our love for whatever it is.

I really think our attitudes toward something can cause us to see things almost in a fantastical way. I suppose that would be the wrong word to use, but I guess lets use my own experiences to sort of illustrate what I mean. About a year ago there was a girl I met who, I thought at first was not attractive. As I got to know her better and developed an attraction to her, I felt like she became pretty or beautiful because I was in love with her. The closer I grew to her the more attractive or beautiful she became. My love and passions caused me to see her through a filter of love that made up for her imperfections and made her perfect to me. Now things between me and this girl have since died off and I no longer have an attraction towards her but looking at her now, that beauty that I saw while infatuated with her, I’ve noticed has not entirely gone away. It’s as if there is some residue of love that will always stay with you, or at least me. I feel like even the people in my life that I am not necessarily fond of, I still can see them not as they appear but as they should be seen (If that makes any sense at all). Like I feel like I’ve been able to develop this ability to see more inner beauty in people because everyone is beautiful in their own rights and regards. Even the vilest of people, or the physically unattractive all have beauty. Sometimes it may be harder to see than others but I think that it all is something that can be seen through perspective. Are there things in my life that I have overlooked? Probably and there are probably many things that need to be recognized for what they are. There is beauty all around us and sometimes we look so much for something that is so stunning and grandiose that we overlook the little things in our lives that are so simple yet so beautiful. I’m not saying I’m able to see, find and appreciate everything that I see, however I feel that there are many things, places or people in our lives that we need to appreciate more and recognize that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, we just need to broaden our scope of vision and in a way, stop and smell the roses.


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