Chance encounters

I think this year I’ve met a lot of really cool and awesome people, from various places and circumstances. It’s been kind of interesting to see or at least think about what kind of influence these people have had on my life. But what’s more interesting to me is how I came to know many of these people and the power that networking has on life in general.

For example, about a 7 months ago I was unemployed and not exactly looking for a job. My parents had gone to the science center and saw a “help wanted” sign essentially at the gift shop there. So on a whim not really looking to get hired, I applied, just because the job is a minimum wage retail job that’s quite some distance away from my home, about a 30 min drive. In the end I got the job, and decided to just do it as I had free time outside of my classes. Through this job I met several co-workers, some of which went to the same school as me. Several months later, as I was randomly walking around the campus looking for a place to study a co-worker, who at the time I could not recall his name, called at me. Through him I was able to meet a girl who was in several of my classes who I thought was cute but I had never had the courage to go up and talk to her. Since then me and the girl have become friends as there was not too much romantic attraction beyond thinking she was cute. With me so far? Okay so through this other friend I was able to meet several more people among them another girl whom I thought was cute and developed an attraction to. While nothing has come of this as of yet, through this girl I was able to meet another group of friends. So I’ve met people essentially 4 degrees of separation away, all due to a random whim to apply for a job.

At times I wonder what sorts of people will lead me to find my next relationship, or which friendships will be able to stand the test of time. I have noticed that there are some people who were in my life a year ago who are not really there anymore. I’ve also noticed that there are many friends that I do have that have been around for quite some time. Maybe the friendships I’ve been developing this past year won’t last beyond the next few but that’s a part of life. Were it possible, I would want to keep all my friends. Due to circumstance I suppose there are many people that will leave your life for whatever reason. But I think more than anything if people do leave my life, I would like to hope that I have made an impact on theirs, or at least left a memorable positive impression.

On a random note, about a month ago I was going around campus giving hugs during exam time. So this past week I bumped into some people and they had remembered me as “that hug guy” or “the guy who gave hugs”. I kind of did it anonymously and never really expected people to remember me. Go figure, anyways. I suppose that’s my two cents for today


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