It’s Morning in Toronto Canada

It’s morning and I feel like I should be more productive in my life instead of just saying I’ll do things, I would actually do things. So with that being said, I’m out of my bed before 11 (I normally wake up early drive my sister to school then get home and crawl back into bed, although I don’t sleep I lie in bed watching tv) and I’m actually at school attempting to be productive.

I think that there’s something to be said about Canada. A week or two ago people were complaining about the lack of snow and the warmth of the winter. Now it’s about -15 Celsius with wind putting it closer to -25. I personally love it, granted it is bitterly cold but the snow has since lightly dusted the ground as if the world were some cake lightly frosted with icing powder. I do wish there was a bit more snow on the ground so I could build a snowman but I can’t control the weather. People often say they love Canada but hate the cold, that’s always been confusing to me because everyone knows that the cold is as much a part of Canada as Hockey or Tim Hortons is. Well either way I’m loving the weather even if it is frigidly cold today.

I guess this is going to be a regular daily thing here where I just post my thoughts of the day. Stay tuned and tell your friends if you enjoy this. Shout out to the only person who follows this as of right now Errissa, as far as I know at least. How’s Germany?


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