Ideas and flashes of brilliance

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes certain thoughts are placed into your mind for a reason? I mention this because I’m sitting here in my Life Writing class as the professor was lecturing earlier, these thoughts started to flow into my head entirely unrelated to what the professor is talking about.

I’m not exactly sure what purpose these thoughts play in my life as of right now but the can be anything from silly day dreams to potentially life changing ideas. What creates or who decides what the difference is between these two as they are on either side of a very thin line. I wonder sometimes what inspires people or for me for that matter to do things. I wonder how different life would be if everyone acted on the positive thoughts they had and suppressed the negative. Conversely what would life be like if people suppressed the positive and only acted on the negative. I suppose the difference between these two would be the willingness to act upon these thoughts and ideas to not only think about them but to put them into action.

I guess that’s why I’m starting to blog and write more frequently. I had this idea that one day my writing would influence or change someone’s life, if I don’t write then how can my writings change someone’s life? I might not have the biggest audience now but maybe something I write one day will help someone. Who knows. 🙂


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